ZTE Athena Slimmest Phone

ZTE Athena (6.2mm Thin) Aims To Be The Next World’s Slimmest Phone

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ZTE Athena Slimmest PhoneOne interesting battle in the smartphone industry among others is for the world’s slimmest handset. Current high-end smartphones are considered thin when they are somewhere between 8 and 9 mm. Motorola previously released the 7.1mm thin DROID RAZR, followed by Oppo Finder at 6.6mm and ZTE recently announced the Athena, which would be only 6.2mm thin.

Obviously, cramming powerful hardware inside an ultra-thin casing isn’t something you could call the easiest job in the world. Despite rapid advances in mobile industry, manufacturer might eventually stop somewhere between 5 and 6 mm, perhaps until new material and miniaturization technologies are discovered, but then a very thin handset would be ridiculously sharp and start to cut into users’ fingers.

The phone will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and have display with 720p resolution as well as 64GB of onboard storage. As about the processing package, ZTE chooses the ARM Cortex-A15 chip. This should be all the details unveiled so far and more will be revealed soon.

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