Metro UI on Android Devices

You Can Now Run Metro UI on Android Devices

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Metro UI on Android DevicesThe Metro UI has been creating waves in the industry and it is already used on the Windows Phone 7 and it will bring a significant change in desktop environment through the Windows 8. In recent months, Metro UI has received generally positive reviews from consumers and critics across the boards. That said, it is still difficult to imagine Android fans leaving behind their gadgets in favor of a Windows Phone 7 device. Thankfully, if you’d like to sample what the software giant has to offer, there’s a solution to run Metro UI on an Android device.

Previously, we have seen the Metro UI ported successfully to Galaxy Tab 10.1 by BroBot175, a senior developer of XDA Forum and now the custom RIM already runs on Asus Transformer tablet. As with any freshly developed custom RIM, there are quite a few of glitches and bugs. While the custom ROM works quite well, some features seems to have problems running. Most Android devices still can’t use the ROM, but that might change as we go along. Overall, the ROM does a nice job mimicking Windows Phone 7 interface.

As always, flashing smartphone with a custom ROM should be performed carefully. No matter how cautious you are, there’s always a chance that you turn your phone into an expensive doorstop. The procedure works only on rooted devices. As an alternative you can try Metro UI app on the Google Play, while not as flashy as installing a real ROM, it’s much safer.

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