Xiaomi May Also Plan to Release Modular Smartphones

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Xiaomi Modular SmartphonesThere are many good things going on in the mobile industry and smartphones with modular design could become the next trend in the market. Motorola started this with the Project Ara and it aims to make the concept available to the general population. Earlier, we spotted a video in YouTube showing the Phonebloks, a smartphone concept with LEGO-like customization capability. It went viral immediately and has set a stage for the potentially new trend.

Surely, more than a few device manufacturers are catching a whiff of this and Xiaomi could be the first to offer a real response. The Middle Kingdom-based company has its own project, the Magic Cube and some new information of it has been unveiled in the Chinese Twitter equivalent, the Weibo. Unfortunately, the original poster took it down soon after. According to what we see from the snaps, there’s plenty of similarity in underlying idea between the Project Ara and Magic Cube. Although Xiaomi seems to offer fewer modular components, it is still too early to reach a final conclusion.

So, it appears that the modular smartphones trend has become a two-horse race and there’s a possibility that other manufacturers will offer their own solutions.

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