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Windows Phone Marketplace Goes Beyond 70000 Apps

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Windows Phone MarketplaceIn the rapidly expanding smartphone industry, apps are counted in the hundreds of thousands. For any mobile platform, it is important to offer users the ability to extend the usability and the capability of their smart mobile device by delivering enough quality apps. But unfortunately, Microsoft’s highly acclaimed mobile platform alternative isn’t quite there yet; although it grows steadily. There are now more than 70.000 titles in its library, a relatively sharp increase for a market that reached 60.000 apps in last January.

In fact, just one month earlier at December 2011, Microsoft bragged about collecting 50.000 apps.  On average, more than 300 apps are submitted to the market each day. What’s interesting though; now, there are about 100.000 registered third-party developers in the market, which surpass the number of apps submitted. It may mean developers still consider the Windows Phone market as a less viable opportunity compared to Apple’s App Market and Google Play. This is a situation Microsoft would no doubt want to improve.

It appears, Microsoft’s marketplace has a really long way to go before it can stand up convincingly against two other much bigger counterparts. To attract more consumers, Microsoft needs to tout a message that it prioritizes more on quality than quantity. However anyone can argue that quantity has a quality on its own and consumers can get much more from a 400.000 apps market like Google Play.