Windows Phone Overtaking iOS in China

Windows Phone is Overtaking iOS in China

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Windows Phone Overtaking iOS in ChinaMicrosoft is overtaking Apple in the biggest mobile market in the world, China. Just a couple months after the release of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” in the local mobile space; the Redmond-based company has grabbed seven percent of the market share. On the other hand, Apple holds six percent of share. While it is a minor victory, Microsoft has proven that the Windows Phone 7.5 has all it takes to beat the best Apple can throw to the market. Android is the current leader in the massive Chinese mobile market with 70 percent share. In the International arena, Microsoft’s platforms is still lagging significantly behind iOS and it has yet to make the promised impacts in the industry, nearly two years after the launch.

The Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” will be the next incarnation of the operating system and it will be incompatible with current Mango devices. So we shouldn’t expect the release of update to older devices after Apollo blasts off. This can eventually be highly detrimental to sales of Mango devices, because the upgrade path is officially and technically stonewalled.

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