Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Users Will Get HD Voice Capability

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Windows Phone 8 OSConsidering that the HD Voice feature is not yet a widespread technology, there are a few factors to consider. Users need to have HD Voice-capable smartphone; the person they are calling must also have HD Voice-capable devices and the carrier have the right kind of network in place to allow subscribers use rich audio capability.

However, it appears that Windows Phone smartphone users can break free of these requirements. Windows Phone 8 OS will be the first software platform to support Viber, the 3rd party VoIP app. Microsoft stated that Viber has passed through a significant update to deliver free HD Voice capability.

The redesigned app also offers improved look, lock screen notifications and pinned conversations. Users can participate in a large group conversation involving up to forty people. The automatic synchronization with address book also makes it easier to share location and photographs. On the carrier side, the HD Voice connection is routed over the fast HSPA+ and LTE networks.

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