Windows Phone 8 Mobile Gaming Platform

Windows Phone 8 Could Become an Interesting Mobile Gaming Platform

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Windows Phone 8 Mobile Gaming PlatformWindows Phone 8 is a new mobile platform that will share the same kernel with the desktop version of the Windows 8. During the event, folks from Havok displayed a great demonstration of their award-winning game physics engine, which will be integrated with the Windows Phone 8. The Havok technology suite offers cinematic visuals, highly realistic characters and immersive 3D worlds.

Windows Phone 8 will also support much better hardware such as multi-core chipsets and 720p display. In addition, Microsoft announced that premium 3D games such as Asphalt 7 and NOVA 3 will be coming to Windows Phone 8 as well. And if you are in the mood of some classical gaming, such as Solitaire and Tetris, the larger display will significantly improve the experience. Also if you want casual, social-oriented games, Zynga will be bringing Draw Something and Words with Friends to Microsoft’s marketplace catalog as well.

Windows Phone 8 will support apps developed using C and C++, which will make it far easier for Android and iOS developers to port their apps to the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

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