Windows Phone 7.8 Update Causes High Data Usage and Lower Battery Life on Some Phones

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Windows Phone 7.8It was quite nice when the Windows 7.8 update were downloadable for users of older handsets. As what we occasionally found, major software updates introduce a new set of issues and bugs.

Some users reported that they experienced lower battery life due to much higher data usage. This happens because certain apps make continuous requests to online servers. Worse, when the data is unavailable, the request will start a loop that significantly increases power requirements. It should be noted that the issue doesn’t occur on all smartphone models and this may come down to a faulty service or app applied by a phone maker or carrier.

This may not be the only issue that affects phones with Windows 7.8 update and users should be aware of what they should come to expect from any mobile OS update. Even Apple inadvertently introduces new glitches with nearly all major iOS updates.

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