Windows Phone 7.8 Causes Glitchy Live Tiles on Some Phones

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Nokia Lumia 900Newly introduced bugs and glitches often mar major releases of new OS versions. From the looks of it, it appears the new WP7.8 update keeps true to the paradigm. We have just learned that the update causes a number of problems, including the glitch volume control. Many users find that the need to crank the volume settings to maximum to get an acceptable sound level.

Now, owners of Nokia Lumia 900 discover that Live Tiles of 3rd party apps are broken after the phone received the update. It isn’t known whether the problem is widespread and users find that the problem can only be fixed with hard reset.

Perhaps, the Windows Phone 7.8 doesn’t stop pinging to non-responsive servers when it tries to update the Live Tile. The feature worked well in the earlier Windows Phone 7.5 and it helped users to save data. This doesn’t work with the WP 7.8 and the phone can chew up as much as one megabyte of data each minute. For the time being, users need to un-pin the affected Live Tile from the homescreen to improve battery life and reduce unauthorized data usage.

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