Windows 8 on iPad

Windows 8 Environment Can Now Run on The iPad

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Windows 8 on iPadMicrosoft is facing a significant challenge in attracting third party developer to its mobile platform, the Windows Phone. Other than convincing developers of Android and iOS apps, Microsoft also need to choose the right hardware configuration. Fortunately for Microsoft, some developers unexpectedly help them to bridge the gap between Windows Phone and users of other platforms. A developer called Splashtop released a new app called Win8 Metro Testbed, which brings Windows 8 environment to the iOS. The developer stated that the app can help current iOS developers to perform tests long before the actual release of Windows Phone 8. Win8 Metro Testbed can help low-budget developers immensely as they don’t have long to wait and, when the OS is released, it eliminates the need to purchase a Windows 8 tablet, which may cost more than $500.

Previously, Microsoft has released a preview for the upcoming OS, while the final version for the tablet and desktop will roll out in October this year. Microsoft assured developers that they can use Windows 7 tablets to test their apps, but for many developers, this could mean a hefty expense. When Windows 8 is released, the software giant needs to have a mobile app store in place to attract developers and consumers alike. That’s why; Microsoft needs to quickly get developers on board by releasing an official test platform for Windows 8. iPad developers should be Microsoft’s primary target, there are now 200,000 apps for iPad, while there are less than 2000 apps for Android tablets.

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