Liquidmetal Technology For The iPhone 5

Will Apple Use Liquidmetal Technology for the iPhone 5?

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Liquidmetal Technology For The iPhone 5Recent reports revealed that Apple will use a special type of “metallic glass” called Liquidmetal on the iPhone 5. The rumor originated from a co-inventor of the alloy, Atakan Peter. Apple licensed the technology in 2010 and apparently, Peker didn’t aware that Apple has implemented the technology on iPhone 3G’s SIM card ejector pin, until he bought that particular model.

Obviously, Peker thought highly of his creation, by saying that the Liquidmetal is incredibly durable and strong. He suggested that the alloy will appear on the bracket or the hinge of the MacBook, not for Apple’s upcoming mobile handheld devices. He believed that the company needs to invest up to $500 million over the space 5 years in order to make Liquidmetal a mature technology. Many experts still believe that Liquidmetal will be used on Apple’s next “breakthrough devices”. Regardless of what will happen, Liquidmetal needs all the glowing press it can get. Recently, its shares dived sharply to 25 percent and the market capitalization stands at only $73 million.

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