T-Mobile HTC One S

WiFi-based Voice Calls on T-Mobile’s HTC One S Quickly Drains Battery Life

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T-Mobile HTC One ST-Mobile’s HTC One S is definitely one of the best Android handset we can find in the US market today. But as is often the case with many high-profile devices in the mobile market, there’s at least one thing that tarnishes an otherwise excellent product. T-Mobile introduces a unique WiFi-based calling service, which may appease cost-conscious subscribers as they don’t need to quickly use up their expensive calling minutes. Unfortunately, the new feature is likely a battery hog.

An obvious solution is to charge your phone, while using the WiFi-based voice calls, but it is not always practical. The carrier promises a more permanent solution in the form of a software patch. Luckily, third-party VoIP services, such as Skype, seem to work properly. The HTC One S offers a decent battery life thanks to its 1650mAh battery life and a good power management configuration. Some experts suspect that the problem may lie on the OS using more data bandwidth to maintain steady VoIP calls. For T-Mobile, the smartphone represents a new combination of “HTC One” hardware, Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0 UI, none of which ever used on the carrier’s network.

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