Why You Should Forget Kindle Fire and Buy an iPad Instead?

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Yes, the Amazon’s Kindle Fire is far cheaper than the iPad, but accordingly Kindle Fire is inferior to the Apple’s tablet in almost every way. If the following factors are important to you, you might need to consider purchasing the Apple’s iPad instead:

  1. Less performance: Just like many Android tablet; the Kindle Fire is occasionally laggy and at times, you need to tap a button or icon twice to make it work.
  2. Lower display quality: Kindle Fire’s screen is nowhere near the smooth IPS display of the iPad. While perfectly serviceable, Amazon’s tablet doesn’t render images as well as the iPad. Ironically, as an e-book reader, the Fire’s text suffers the most. When using certain fonts they are jaggy and there is a hint of shadowing.
  3. Lack of home button: Despite being a touch device, a physical home button is practical to get users to the main homescreen quickly, without requiring them to look for the button on the screen.
  4. Worse pinch and zoom implementation: Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have good pinch and zoom performance. The iPad offers silky smooth pinching, while the Fire often stutters when navigating complex webpages. Zooming works better after you use the webpage for a while, but still not as smooth as the iPad.
  5. No access to market: Kindle Fire uses a heavily modified version of Android OS and Amazon decided that users should go to the Amazon’s app store instead, with its feeble selection of ten thousand apps. Although there is already a hack to allow the tablet access Google’s Android Market, only a few users have the nerve to root and customize their Fire.
  6. No standard Google services: Because Fire’s Android OS is a fork, users won’t get Google standard apps, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google maps and others

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