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Why Nook Tablet Can’t Beat Kindle Fire?

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Kindle FireSumming up the Nook Tablet is easy, it is more expensive than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, yet it offers less. There are far fewer apps for Nook and getting videos and music on the Barnes & Noble’s tablet is not as easy. While the Nook offers more storage, there is less content to fill it up. The Nook Tablet is certainly a prettier device with physical buttons and microphone jack, but they may not worth the extra cost. The Tablet shares similar design with the Nook Color. The Nook Color was the best e-reader on the market, it runs Android OS and it was essentially a versatile, low-cost tablet.

Amazon borrowed the concept and implemented it to the Kindle Fire and raised the bar in the low-cost tablet segment. The Kindle Fire is no iPad, but for the price, buyers can get more bang for the buck. While the Nook Tablet offers a more satisfying experience, it still fails to reach the level set by the Fire.

The Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet have many things in common; both are 7” tablets and run heavily modified Android OS. Unfortunately, Nook Tablet users need to subscribe for video services, while with Fire you can rent or buy videos a la carte. Also, Barnes & Noble doesn’t have a service similar to Amazon’s Cloud Player, which allows users to access and stream content from servers, which is too bad because Nook Tablet only allocates 1GB of free space for users, while the rest of the storage is reserved for the OS and built-in apps. Also many common Android apps can’t run in the Nook Tablet. The Nook Tablet is not a bad device, but compared to the Kindle Fire, it is simply doesn’t measure up.

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