Why iPhone 4S May not be the Right Phone for You?

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Apple aficionados always have a thing with the latest iPhone model, although a few things might be missing. While the iPhone 4S has been augmented with faster processor, better camera and Siri, some of the Apple fan boys are still disappointed as they were expecting a completely revamped phone after waiting for more than one year. These are a few reasons why iPhone 4S may not be the right phone for you:

  • You want a phone with innovative design: The iPhone 4S failed to excite us with its looks. Compared to its predecessor, the phone is absolutely identical, disappointing loyal fans who expect bigger-screened, thinner design.
  • You want NFC support: While rumor mills were fueling hopes of the NFC support, the iPhone 4S proves to be a disappointment. The latest iPhone can’t become your digital wallet and you won’t be able to pay for goods and services by waving the handset across the reader.
  • You want Thunderbolt technology: Because the iPhone 4S lacks the Thunderbold technology, you won’t have the ability to bring together high-definition display and fast data transfer. Running at blazing fast 10Gbps, a phone with this feature can transfer a full-sized HD movie in just 30 seconds.
  • You want industry standard ports: The phone only comes with Apple’s connector for transferring files, charging and connecting to peripherals. Unfortunately, you can’t get the common micro-USB port and it also missed out the HDMI port.

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