Nokia N9 White

White Nokia N9 Will Be Released Soon

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Nokia N9 WhiteThe pattern is always repeated in the mobile industry, a black smartphone is released initially and it’s then followed by an elegant white model. Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry eventually got around releasing white smartphone models. Now it appears, a white handset from Nokia is gearing to hit the smartphone industry. This time around, a device sporting Meego will soon come out to play wearing an elegant white casing. Other than the new color, Nokia users will be seeing an update to the N9 OS.

Nokia said that the manufacturing process of white N9 was quite complex and the company tried to give customers products with superior quality.

Instead of the matte like the cyan, magenta and black N9, the white version is glossy and a 64GB version will be released before New Year. The new N9 will also include a number of enhancements, for example, you can close an app by swiping it down. The phone also features NFC tag reading and the music control keys are accessible from the lock screen. The update will be downloadable for other N9 units during Q4 2011.

The phone was first announced in Singapore on June 2011 and it was well received due to its sleek Harmattan UI, NFC capabilities, polycarbonate unibody construction and pseudo-buttonless design. Some experts even chastised Nokia for choosing Windows Phone 7.5 instead of the Meego given the good reception. The phone also offers good performance level, benchmarking results of SunSpider 0.9.1 showed that Nokia N9 is faster than the Galaxy SII and iPhone 4.


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