Sony Quad Core Smartphone

Where’s Sony Quad-Core Smartphone?

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Sony Quad Core SmartphoneMany people have been waiting for Sony to announce a quad-core handset and join a growing list of manufacturers that offer the fastest mobile devices in the world. If you’re a loyal Sony fan, you need to wait a little longer, since the Japanese electronic giant has no short-term plan to introduce a quad-core device into its lineup. The company may move to the Cortex A15 architecture in Q2 2013, which is expected to run faster than current quad-core systems.  Sony is also hesitant to make the move as it is seeking for a balance between battery efficiency and performance level.

Sony stated that it is evaluating an acceptable level of quad-core performance; it believes that the right moment to release a quad-core device is when there is a technical demand for it and when the technology is mature enough to offer enhanced performance and quality. Given the fact that many apps haven’t optimized for even dual-core processors, this should be a fair evaluation.

But in current mobile industry, speed is the name of the game and Sony is one step behind its Taiwanese and South Korean counterparts, especially when it comes to employing the newest and shiniest processor around. Looking back, Sony was also a year late in releasing dual-core devices compared to its competitors. But in this industry, many things are not set in stone and Sony may surprise us with an announcement of an early release of quad-core handset. Besides, it won’t be too hard for Sony to slap basic GSM technology (voice call, text messages and 7.2Mbps HSDPA) into a new variant of quad-core PS Vita.

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