What’s Inside the iPhone SE?

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Apple iPhone SEiFixit and Chipworks have torn down the new iPhone SE. Both confirmed that the compact device is quite similar to the iPhone 6S. Chipworks found the same A9 processor and 2GB DRAM module, also used by Apple’s flagship.

Other components discovered inside the iPhone SE include Qualcomm modem, audio ICs, 6-axis internal sensor and NFC unit. It still uses Broadcom touchscreen. However, there are a few never seen before components, such as a new type of battery, rear-facing camera and logic board. The Lightning connector assembly is also quite new.

iFixit gave the iPhone SE a 6/10 repairability score, similar to the iPhone 5S. However, the iPhone SE is definitely better than the iPhone 5S. The LTE performance is expected to be 50 percent faster and the additional LTE bands offer better global coverage. It also has M9 motion co-processor, hands-free Siri and 12Mp iSight camera. When the panorama feature is enabled, it could deliver a 63Mp photograph.

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