What Will We Get After iPhone SE?

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New iPhoneWe often hear that the Apple iPhone SE is only an old iPhone 5S with improved internal components. It is true that the iPhone SE doesn’t represent a design revolution, but it is actually a technological revolution. That’s because, an affordable iPhone model is now available with excellent performance.

Apple is known for its regular platform revision. Today, the iPhone SE makes upgrading worthwhile and the company will continue to deliver a strong supportive ecosystem. Apple is encouraging people who still use older 4-inch iPhone models to upgrade.

We have heard that the company will release a new superpowered processor in the future, called the A9+. It would be a good thing if the next 4-inch model is powered by the processor, or even the A10. This will allow future affordable 4-inch iPhone to support advanced OS elements, including the Swift and Metal. Not everyone needs a large 5-inch display and this makes the iPhone SE a rather compelling upgrade for them, especially if they are still using the iPhone 5C.

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