What Happen if You Accidentally Drop a HTC One X?

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Whenever we pony up the cash for a smartphone, one question sometimes sits back in our mind, one that only a few have the courage to find out. For any user, accidentally dropping a phone onto a hard surface is always a real possibility and smartphones are often thought to be more fragile than low-cost feature phones. Thankfully, every so often someone did it for us. So, how well the HTC One X can survive a drop? For many, this question is already too painful to hear. Apparently, folks at HTCpedia were brave enough to look for an answer to this question. They subjected a unit of HTC Once X to common drop scenarios, such as a drop from hip height, from shoulder height and perhaps the worst that could befall on a touchscreen smartphone; a drop that lands a phone flat on its screen. The video, which was published on YouTube may be a little hard to watch but it tells us how well the HTC One X could resist a fall.

After the first two drop, the screen remained intact and despite some cosmetic damage, the phone still works. So far, chalk one up for HTC in build quality category. The final test, which involved face-down fall proved too much for the One X, but despite the shattered screen, it still worked properly. It appears, the inner components of the HTC One X were holding up to the repeated drops. The battery didn’t pop out during the test, because it isn’t user-removable. The HTC One X was released in some European countries a few weeks ago and it is planned to arrive on AT&T’s network on May 6th.

HTC One X Smashed Screen Still Works Great

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