Vodafone Says the iOS 6.1.1 is Good For Download

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Vodafone iOS 6.1.1Finally, Vodafone tells its subscribers that they can proceed with the iPhone 4S updating process. Previously, the company issued a warning about news issues associated with the iOS 6.1. Upgraded handsets were not able to receive or make calls, browse the Internet and send test messages. Fortunately, Apple is quick in releasing a fix to the problem. The iOS 6.1.1 is dedicated solely to fix the newly introduced glitches.

The iOS 6.1 update had also caused problems among businesses due to excessive loggings during a connection with the Exchange server. The iOS 6.1 was rolled out a couple weeks ago to solve the WiFi issues in iOS 6.0. Unfortunately, it inadvertently introduced three new glitches to iPhone 4S users.

Previously, some owners of iPhone 5 complained about significant battery drain when using iOS 6.0. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the problem yet and no fix is released for this particular issue as of today.

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