Motorola Xoom Android 4 Update

Verizon’s Motorola Xoom Will Be Getting Android 4.0.4 Update

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Motorola Xoom Android 4 UpdateMotorola Xoom users have been waiting for Android 4.0 update for their devices and if you own a Verizon’s Xoom there’s good news that at June 4 the Ice Cream Sandwich update is about to roll out. Not too along ago, we received reports that Verizon would release ICS update for its devices lineup, so it appears the carrier has managed to stick to its timeframe. The update should bring numerous fixes and improvements, such as data usage tracking (Usage Center), Launch Bar and better notification system.

Fixes will be focused to 4G LTE upgrades, a fix for EAS security, policy improvements for Activesync and Exchange, updated stock browser, updated People app and email search feature. The update will also provides improved stability, better text input, Photo Editor in the Gallery app, instant camera access from the lockscreen, and redesigned App launcher.

However, users need to be patient as the update will rollout gradually. The update is slightly less than 110MB in size and if you still don’t receive the update by June 4, regularly check Settings>About> System Update.

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