Verizon Update for Casio G’Zone Commando

Verizon is Rolling Out an Update for G’Zone Commando

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Verizon Update for Casio G’Zone CommandoVerizon’s rugged push-to-talk smartphone, the Casio G’Zone Commando is getting an update and it will be rolled out very soon. Casio is better known as the manufacturer of wrist watch and small consumer electronics, but it has done a good job by releasing highly durable phone. Several enhancements and bug fixes will be pushed with the update. The update labeled as C771M110 will also include some Verizon bloatware as well. Check Verizon’s website for latest developments.

Just like the Motorola Defy, the Casio G’Zone Commando is a ruggedized Android smartphone and it is meant for users who need handset that can easily endure the elements. The G’Zone Commando feels very solid in hand, unlike most handsets that are simply delicate pieces of plastic. While it’s not the most stylish phone in the market, the G’Zone Commando still has a relatively a good look among ruggedized devices.

The dedicated camera button, microUSB port and the headphone jack, all have waterproof covers, which can protect the internal components, just in case the phone falls into a puddle. On the rear of the device, there’s a 5Mp camera and it comes with four standard touch sensitive Android buttons. However, some users complained that objects look distorted when viewed through the viewfinder. They also reported that photos snapped with the G’Zone Commando come out looking lifeless and dull.

The G’Zone Commando is an appealing smartphone, but potential buyers may find that the sub-standard touchscreen a real deal-breaker. The phone is still usable for consumers who need a completely toughened device, but don’t find the unresponsive touchscreen a turn off.

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