Diagnostic Tool for LG Revolution

Verizon Adds Diagnostic Tool for LG Revolution

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Diagnostic Tool for LG RevolutionA new software update is being pushed to the Verizon’s LG Revolution, while users won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich just yet, there’s something noteworthy about the update that should catch your attention. The LG Revolution will get a remote diagnostic tool and after the update is applied, users can immediately call Verizon when they experience issues with the phone. The support team will have the ability to remotely access and control the device for troubleshooting purposes. In the computing world, this is not something unusual, but still, it is the first time a carrier can remotely control a mobile device for support purposes. Users also get a number of bug fixes that address reboot issues after an upgrade to Android 2.3, wrong month displayed for November in the Calendar app and AVI playback performance over HDMI. Users can now use spaciousness, bass and loudness settings in Dolby presets to improve audio quality. Verizon Video will also be preloaded to improve device’s responses.

Overall, the update might be worth downloading, however many will likely somewhat concerned with the remote diagnostic tool. Although Verizon said that a remote connection will only occur after users approve it, we still can’t forget about the Carrier IQ scandal that affected so many phone models. If the update receives smooth reception, it wouldn’t surprise us to see similar updates being delivered to other Verizon’s phones.

The LG Revolution was released in Q2 2011, with 4.3” display and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the phone was quite decent at that time.

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