New iPad 4G Incompatibility

Users of the New iPad Complain About 4G Incompatibility

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New iPad 4G IncompatibilityIt appears that the new iPad’s LTE data connection is a no go for some countries. People in Europe and Australia are discovering this unpleasant fact the hard way and it continues to highlight the confusion felt among users about the 4G technology. A legal battle has been launched against Apple over the allegation that people were misled about the compatibility of LTE technology on the Telstra network. Other countries like Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom would soon be following Australia’s lead.

The new iPad was marketed as a WiFi + 4G device and it is considered misleading due to the fact that Australian users can’t get it to work with Telstra’s 4G network with the existing SIM card.

In Europe, the new iPad is also advertised as a 4G device, but the frequency incompatibility isn’t mentioned. During previous press events, Apple specified that the iPad will be compatible with the LTE network of Verizon, AT&T, Telus and Rogers Bell in the United States as well as Telus in Canada. However, the company mentioned vaguely that the tablet will be compatible with other 4G networks around the world. It appears, information published in Apple’s network isn’t really helpful for International users unless they understand about the 4G frequency band employed by the carrier. Unfortunately, the 4G moniker is being used for various data access technology from HSPA+ to LTE advanced. Adding to the confusion, although LTE is normally considered as a 4G technology, it’s actually not a complete 4G capability. The new iPad only works with specific LTE bands, which are 700MHz and 2.1GHz. However, many countries use 4G networks that work at 800MH and 2.6GHz bands, which result in various compatibility issues.

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