New iPad Expensive Data Usages

Users of the New iPad are Plagued by Expensive Data Usages

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New iPad Expensive Data UsagesWith its stunning Retina Display technology and the support for 4G data network, the new iPad is supposed to usher in a wonderful new era in mobile entertainment. In fact, some analysts previously believe that the tablet would become a serious competitor to cable services. Unfortunately, Apple’s dream of becoming a leader in mobile entertainment market has hit a snag. It appears there’s a disconnect between cellular companies and latest developments in the mobile industry. Carriers are struggling to provide dependable data access and they are charging subscribers for every byte of data transferred.

Despite the promise of ultra-fast 4G network, current networks simply can’t handle data hungry consumers and continuous video streaming via cellular network is still a fantasy. Subscribers of Verizon’s 4G network are allotted only 1GB of data per month for $20, while AT&T charges significantly higher at $14.99 for 250MB or a whopping $59.96 for 1GB. The new iPad is proven to be a money guzzler as some users are forced to spend more than $600 after only a week of use. Users reported that after watching YouTube clips for 15 minutes, they found that the iPad ate one-third of the $20 monthly 4G data plan. Put simply, the premium 15-minute experience watching high quality video on the iPad may cost users $7, which is equal to the cost of a movie theater.

Analysts predicted that data transfer over cellular network will rise 18-fold in just five years, and 4G tablets with large, high resolution display can put more strain to the burdened network. The iPad might need three times more data transfer than typical smartphones, to achieve acceptable video quality.

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