Upcoming Windows Phone 8

Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Devices May Have Hi-Res Display

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Upcoming Windows Phone 8Windows Phone is known to be highly efficient and high-end specs don’t really matter on handsets that run the platform. The bright AMOLED display and Metro’s minimalist tiles really make up for a lot. But still, a display with 480×800 resolution begins to feel like a drag. Fortunately, according to sources, we might be getting much better display once devices with Windows Phone 8 hit the shelves. Evaluations on web analytics for topics related to Windows Phone 8 devices show references to display with 1280 x 768 pixels resolution, which is also for the 7” Google Nexus tablet. LG Optimus TrueHD has 1280 x 720 resolution and Nokia is working on a hybrid mobile device, so the 1280 x 768 resolution shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Although Microsoft and phone makers wouldn’t say whether Windows Phone 8 devices would have bumped up specs, it is a total no-brainer. Analytics extrapolations using web analytics evaluation are mostly random, but considering how Android handsets and iPhone continue to get better in terms of hardware configurations, this shouldn’t be a one big false alarm.

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