Unreal Engine 3 Demo for Android is Released

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Unreal Engine 3 DemoEpic Citadel for Android is already available for users and it’s a demonstration platform for the Unreal Engine 3 in Android ecosystem. It also includes a built-in benchmarking tool to gauge performance on different machines. The engine was previously used on a number of popular PC games like Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor, Infinity Blade 3, Gears of War 3 and others.

Developers will be able to see how different devices with their unique hardware configurations perform when running the engine. Epic Citadel is also available for x86 devices, so it’s also applicable to devices running Intel’s hardware.

Based on early tests, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which was released in 2011, reached 40 fps; while newer quad-core handsets scored 50fps. This could mean that the engine has been thoroughly optimized for mobile devices. For many mobile gamers, running a real game engine, like the Unreal 3, has been a long-time wish. An iOS version is also available, although it lacks the built-in benchmarking mode.

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