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Two Possible Display Sizes for the Mini-iPad

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Mini iPadThere are many rumors and reports around about a smaller iPad, which the the media has dubbed ‘iPad mini’. Early rumors claimed that the tablet was to be a 7″ form factor that uses the same resolution as the iPad 2, to prevent incompatibilities and scaling issues with current apps. However, another rumor pegs the size to be at a smaller 5″ form factor.

These guesses and hunches are based on recent component purchases by Apple. Being the most valuable brand in the tech world today, Apple’s moves and decisions are always watched by the media and consumers. Lately, there is a high degree of interest in Apple’s supply chain, especially on reports that Apple is purchasing 5″and 7″ displays from Samsung and LG Display.

Things will get a bit interesting as Samsung is planning for an 11″ tablet and Apple current lineup doesn’t have any product that fits the bill. The 11″ Macbook Air was Apple’s answer to Windows-powered netbooks. Whilst, laptop sales have been declining somewhat, Macbook Air sales are still going strong. So, it is likely that Apple’s response to small tablets and phablets will be another milestone in the mobile industry.

As a company with more than $90 billion to spare in its bank account, Apple may only be testing many different ideas and it isn’t planning to make such a drastic change to its current lineup. Just like the simple adage, nothing is broken and Apple has nothing to fix.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note was recently reported to have good sales, with more than 5 million units delivered to consumers. The 5″ phablet is found to be attractive for users who need a very large smartphone or a very small tablet. Apple is known for a company that always delivers radical solutions to the industry and it’s a little unlikely for Apple to follow Samsung’s lead.

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