Two New Photographs Show Home Button and Vibration Components of the iPhone 5S

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Apple iPhone 5SA leaked photograph shows of what is likely the home button to be used by the iPhone 5S. One interesting feature mentioned previously is the fingerprint scanner embedded within the home button. However, as the button looks similar to the one used by the iPhone 5, it’s unclear whether the feature will actually be added to the upcoming iPhone 5S. But, it’s still a possibility that the integrated fingerprint scanning capability will show up in the iPhone 6.

A closer look at the home button component shows that it has a longer flex cable, but again, there seems to be no space or additional parts for the rumored fingerprint reader. The company acquired Authentec last year and it would be a waste of money if Apple decides to abandon the built-in fingerprint feature entirely.

Also shown on a different photograph is the vibration unit of the iPhone 5S, which allows for smarter silent mode. The upcoming iPhone 5S will determine whether it sits on a desk when the vibration mode is enabled to avoid loud rattles. This will also prevent the phone from falling off the table, when there’s an incoming call.

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