Twitter Releases Vine for iOS

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Twitter Releases Vine for iOSTwitter is aiming to dominate media handling in Twitter feeds by releasing an official video app, Vine. Previously, the social networking service also put together a dedicated photo-sharing platform to push out third party solution like YFrog and TwitPic.

Twitter purchased Vine back in October and the new app allows users to create and publish brief looping clips, with maximum duration of 6 seconds. These clips can also be published to Facebook. Users can hashtag video posts and browse for other hashtags, editor’s picks and trending topics.

Twitter users get only 140-character limit when writing text and in fairness, Vine does seem much more appealing. A six-second video can have much bigger impact to followers than a simple sentence. Vine is only available for iOS device for the time being. The app directly controls the camera and automatically puts a limit on the duration of clips taken.

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