Transflective Display Entering Mobile Market

Transflective Display is Entering the Mobile Market

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Transflective Display Entering Mobile MarketMany of use have been keeping an eye on the development of transflective display for a while now. Mobile devices equipped with the display technology can be used more conveniently outdoor. Transflective display employs a combination of LCD and eInk like display, which uses far less power and much easier to read under the sunlight. In recent months, Pixel Qi has been preparing the release of transflective display with higher resolution.

The display was touted to outperform popular technologies, including Apple’s Retina Display. It is lighter, thinner and uses 90 percent less power, while providing the same screen resolution, viewing angle, color saturation and contrast. The early model of Pixel Qi display still uses 1024 x 600 pixels resolution, which is expected to increase in near future.

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