TouchWiz UI for Ice Cream Sandwich is Leaked

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It’s very easy to fall in love with the sleek, clean interface of Ice Cream Sandwich, however you may find it disappointing to see how Samsung implements its TouchWiz interface. SamMobile reported that they acquired a developer build of TouchWiz UI running on the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). So far, some experts say that TouchWiz UI implementation on Ice Cream Sandwich ruins everything. Of course, no one can blame Samsung for trying to bring TouchWiz UI to its devices, including latest Android 4.0 devices.

In essence, Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t look like its predecessors and it features a significant change in design. But unfortunately, TouchWiz UI doesn’t change much. With the Ice Cream Sandwich, Google offers a sense of reinvigorating freshness, but Samsung covers it up with the same user interface we have seen for years..

Of course, it doesn’t mean that TouchWiz needs to die, but Samsung shouldn’t tighten the implementation of Ice Cream Sandwich too much and it needs to let some of Android 4.0’s charms shine through. To be fair, TouchWiz doesn’t really cover things up completely, the Roboto typeface is still used and tinges of blue neon still scatter through the interface. Some important features, such as Face Unlock and app switcher are still present and accounted for. Some people may not find the Tron-inspired design of Ice Cream Sandwich attractive, but it’s still a bold step for Android development team.  The developer build is dated December 7 and now after more than one week, we simply can’t tell whether Samsung has made more changes.

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