TouchFire Keyboard

TouchFire Keyboard, A Simple and Potentially Effective Solution for the iPad

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TouchFire KeyboardEven if you’re the greatest iPad fan in the planet, it would be unlikely that you will have the mental endurance to type continuously for many hours on your iPad’s virtual keyboard. It certainly wouldn’t be thrilling to write a lengthy email, let alone your next novel without a physical keyboard. The iPad is marvelous, it does so many things super well, but typing is definitely not one of them. Though its virtual keyboard is way ahead of the competition, it still can’t beat the plain-old physical keyboard. Many manufacturers offer Bluetooth keyboard, but they are too bulky and ruin the portability value of the iPad.

TouchFire is a different kind of physical keyboard for a tablet, it is simply a physical keyboard that is attached to the touchscreen and used in landscape mode. The keyboard was developed by Steve Isaac and it is not entirely unique, but the innovative approach has garnered the interest of Kickstarter. The idea behind TouchFire is simple, the keyboard is attached to the iPad and springy keys will hit the onscreen keyboard underneath it. The keyboard is insensitive enough that you can rest your fingers on the keyboard without triggering a keypress.

Isaac hoped to gather $10,000, but eventually he managed to raise more than $200,000. Kickstarter is a place where inventors can showcase their ideas to attract investors. Simply put, Kickstarter is a place where inventors and investors meet. According to records, slightly less than half of the projects in Kickstarter could meet or exceed the targets. People can submit every kind of proposals starting from a graphic novel to an electronic gadget.

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