Toshiba AT200 Tablet

Toshiba AT200 Tablet Review

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Toshiba AT200 TabletToshiba’s first foray in the tablet industry, the Thrive, though innovative with replaceable battery and back cover, didn’t receive warm reception from tablet-crazed consumers due to its seemingly hefty and bulky design. The Japanese manufacturer however made necessary changes to its second outing the AT200 Excite to avoid the unnecessary follies and mistakes of the Thrive. Those who see early leaked images of the AT200 Excite were often astounded by its elegant-looking design, including the brushed aluminum finish. Its sexy and slim profile really caught analysts’ attention, which was a far cry from the heft and bulk of the Thrive. Some even went so far saying that Motorola learned a lot from Toshiba, with its Xyboard tablets, a much-improved and slimmed-down version of the Xoom.

Under the hood, the tablet offers drool-worthy features that are also found in many high-end competitors. While the AT200 Excite still uses Honeycomb (Android 2.3), the 1.2 GHz dual-core processors can keep everything smooth and snappy. As tablets tend to be app-heavy, the 1GB of RAM can ensure smooth multi-tasking tasks and in terms of storage capacity, the phone comes with two different versions, 16GB and 32GB of internal storage. The tablet also offers a microSD slot, which can significantly increase the potential storage. Display-wise, it comes with a 10.1” LED-backlit LCD display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and the support for 16MB of colors simply make the AT200 stunning. The tablet comes with a pair of modest shooters, a 5Mp rear-facing and 2Mp front-facing cameras. At this moment, we may not know what future holds for the tablet, but there’s definitely some good things coming it way.

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