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Tim Cooks Admits Defeat and Recommends Alternative Mapping Apps Instead

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Mapping AppsIn a move that may have been quite embarrassing for the company, Tim Cook has advised iOS users to use an alternative mobile mapping app instead. We have never seen anything like this from Apple before and Steve Jobs may have acted differently when presented with the same situation. What Cook did was quite striking; he recommended mapping apps like Waze, MapQuest and Microsoft Bing. He even told users to go back to the recently abandoned Google Maps.

So how good are alternative apps recommended by Apple?

Microsoft Bing sits prominently above Cook’s list and it is known for regularly update maps. Bing Maps can give you exactly the right direction and accurately shows the route on the display. MapQuest is one of the most popular mapping services available for iOS and unlike others; Waze is a social media-optimized mapping app.

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