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Three Features That Should be Available on Android 5.0

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Jelly Bean - Key Lime PieIf you are asked about any kind of features that you would love to have in an Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, it would be rather easy to make a list filled with tons of requests for various optimization and enhancements. Users typically want to have something that makes more sense to them. While it is unlikely that our requests are heard, these three items are a good start:

  • A lite version: Many would find the idea a bit intriguing. Some would oppose it arguing that a lite version would unnecessarily add more fragmentation to the Android community. However, it would no longer make phone manufacturers too strict about deploying a new Android version.
  • Contact black list: The option to black-list some entries in Contacts has been available for years in dumb, feature phones. It would be perfect if Google adds the simple feature.
  • Built-in memory and battery management feature: Many Android phone users wouldn’t be so lucky to have 2GB of RAM and running demanding apps concurrently can cause some resource allocation problems. Android 5.0 should monitor which apps use the most resources and offer an option to shut them down. Battery management feature should also be easy to add, as Android 5.0 can put all power-grabbing features, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, data and others, in one page and allows users to disable/enable them by tapping on the checkboxes.

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