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The Volume Bug of Google Nexus Prime

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Google Nexus Prime

Despite being an excellent device, the Google Nexus Prime is by no means a perfect device. There’s no such thing in this world and virtually every device in the world has some glitches and bugs. In this case, the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is found to exhibit the volume bug. Consumers have reported that their Nexus Prime is muting themselves randomly and sometimes the speaker made weird noises.

Fortunately, Google has acknowledged the issue and a bug fix will be released soon, although the Internet giant didn’t announce the timeframe. The real culprit has already been discovered, it was found to be the 2G signal. The bug can be reproduced by using 2G signal on the 900MHz band, commonly used in Europe.

Consumers may be over-reacted on this issue, however it proves that the Nexus Prime is an important device for many consumers. A much bigger outcry occurred when the iPhone 4 suffered a significant decline in signal reception, an incident known as the “antennagate”, while its successor, the iPhone 4S suffered from debilitating battery life issues.

Consumers are concerned that the problem is not unique to Google Nexus Prime, because the same problem can be replicated on other devices. An interim solution is to stick to the 3G network and avoid using 2G features, such as EDGE.

Unfortunately, 3G can cause a massive battery drain and 3G network is not available in all areas. The phone is coming to the US and it will be integrated to the Verizon network, however it’s unclear whether US users will get unpatched units. The bug can be devastating for both Google and Samsung, because US consumers may switch to other devices instead if they fail to deliver an effective solution in a timely manner.

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