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The Upcoming Sony Xperia Miro

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Sony Xperia MiroSony started the Fast Forward Facebook campaign on Monday and it has come to a conclusion with the announcement of a new smartphone, the Sony Xperia Miro. Sony put a countdown clock on its Facebook page and visitors could shave a few seconds off the time remaining for the official unveiling of the mystery smartphone.  The Xperia Miro was unveiled after nearly 26,000 people clicked the fast forward button, speeding up the time significantly.

But, it’s a shame that after much of anticipation, visitors were all bemoaning on the fact it wasn’t something high-end.

In general, the Miro looks like a typical mid-range handset with 3.5” display, 5Mp rear-facing camera and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Sony chose Facebook as a preferred platform for the launch because Sony’s version of ICS in Miro offers deep integration with the social network, down to hardware-level integration, in which the notification light changes color based latest Facebook updates.  Sony advertised the Miro as an “Xperia with Facebook”. Regardless of the disappointing hardware configuration, users should appreciate the ability to post comment almost instantly.

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Xperia™ miro – Close Up

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