CyanogenMod 9

The Stable Version of CyanogenMod 9 is Available for Download

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CyanogenMod 9The same thing seems to happen every time Google releases a new Android version: A Nexus device gets the latest version and phone makers are scrambling to make their own variants of the stock build. This system is far from perfect and we regularly see “available” models that are two or even three versions behind. Consequently, some Android enthusiasts are taking advantage of the open-source nature of the OS and trying to deliver the customized build ahead of the official release that may not come at all. The CyanogenMod team is the most prominent among those and recently they have announced the release of CM9.

The CM9 (CyanogenMod 9) includes a number of security features that make it safer to use the phone. Among those is the ability to power on the device while keeping the root access disabled. Allowing the phone to boot under “Super User” account can bring significant risks if it is attacked by infected apps or used by malicious individuals. During the presentation event in San Francisco; the team compiled a complete CM9 build using three servers powered by dual Intel Xeon processors.

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