Sony Nexus X

The Sony Nexus X Turns Out To Be Fake

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Sony Nexus XThe media is often confronted with a dilemma, should they let an unsubstantiated leak to pass and strive only to seek accurate information; or should they report everything as real and face the consequence later? A few days ago, the industry went ablaze when a couple of new images were published on Picasa, which allegedly represented a previously unheard device, the Sony Nexus X. Back then, the handset looked so damned real and after a closer examination, it is confirmed as a fake. Both images were actually a part of personal experiment of Ti Kawamoto, a 3D graphic designer, who wanted to know how the industry would react to photos reported as a new device.

After he had seen enough, Kawamoto came out and revealed that both images were fabricated. He developed both images with a 3D modeling program, to make them looked real. Kawamoto showed a workflow and infographic that tell us how he performed the project.

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