Samsung Galaxy S3 is Listed in the Kies

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is Listed in the Kies

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is Listed in the KiesSamsung hasn’t even officially announced the name of its next “Galaxy S” yet, but apparently listings used internally by the company hint that the “Samsung Galaxy S3” moniker as the most likely. In recent weeks, we have been seeing many Galaxy S3-related tidbits, with the latest one being the appearance of two variants of Samsung Galaxy S3 in Kies, the tool used to update Samsung’s smartphones. One version bears the name “GT-I9300” and the other is “GT-I9300T”, which suggest that the difference is likely insignificant, perhaps they are designed to work on different regions. But, it appears that the new Kies listings don’t appear on a number of countries.

Since its arrival, we use the name Galaxy S2 and Galaxy SII interchangeably and the new listing may indicate that Samsung is abandoning the Roman numeral, by using the “Galaxy S3 name”. Samsung still refers its next “Galaxy S” phone as the “next Galaxy” and the company may eventually surprise us with a different naming, just like what Apple did with the “New iPad”.

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