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The Next PureView Model Will Use Windows Phone OS

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Nokia PureViewThe mobile industry was stunned by the Nokia 808 with its 41 megapixels camera, but unfortunately the phone itself still used Symbian, an aging operating system. Luckily, Nokia will soon release a Windows phone handset that uses the same camera technology. Nokia said that making a similar handset with Windows Phone won’t take too long to make, but they didn’t say clearly when the device would be released.

Nokia and Microsoft still need to work together to come up with a satisfactory software solution. The 41MP camera requires specialized software to perform common tasks such as cropping and zooming, to ensure sharp results for faraway objects. Although the camera can capture 38MP still photos, many might choose 8 megapixel instead, to reduce file size.

In photography world, megapixels don’t mean better image quality, but Nokia’s solution seems to be able to take clean photos even in dimmer areas. However, many analysts say that the phone feels a bit dated and stale.

Because the 41 MP camera technology has been in the making for years, Nokia decided to use Symbian for the Nokia 808 PureView. However, as Symbian is being phased out, it is only natural to expect that it will be available on a future Windows Phone device.

The 41Mp camera technology is more than just a hype, it is simply an engineering marvel with an exceptionally large sensor (four times the normal size) paired with Carl Zeiss optics. The Nokia 808 PureView simply challenges iPhone, which is viewed as the industry leader in smartphone photography.

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