Next iPhone May Use 4.6" Display

The Next iPhone May Use a 4.6” Display

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Next iPhone May Use 4.6" DisplayFinally, the fuss surrounding the iPad 3 (officially known as the new iPad) is over and another upcoming device begins to catch our attention, The iPhone 5 rumor mill begins to crank into action, feeding us with news and data on the future smartphone.

Reuters reported recently that the upcoming iPhone model will feature a huge 4.6” display with Retina Display technology and it appears that the phone will be launched before summer this year. Apple is placing a huge order for 4.6” display with Samsung and LG Display.

Reuters picked up the rumor from Maeil Business, a South Korean newspaper, which received the information from a source in the industry. As always with any upcoming Apple’s device, details are still vague. With many high-end smartphone models already use displays larger than 4-inch, it’s unlikely for Apple to stay faithful with 3.5” display. A 4.6” display is a huge departure from the traditional 3.5” display, which used in the iPhone series for so long.

It’s is uncertain what resolution will be used, but to maintain the pixel density of Retina Display (330 ppi); the resolution may be 1280 x 800 or higher. The Q2 introduction date would put Apple back on the usual release cycle, which was upset by the iPhone 4S as it was released at October 2011. Some may argue that the Q2 release is too soon, however, any Apple user would agree that Apple should immediately release large-screened smartphone with 4G (LTE) support. Apple hasn’t confirmed the actual name of its upcoming smartphone, so instead of iPhone 5, it might be simply called the “New iPhone”, just like what the company did with the latest iPad.

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