NFC in iPhone 5

The Next iPhone May Not Have NFC Capability

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NFC in iPhone 5Many of us will be disappointed to hear that the much-awaited iPhone won’t be adorned with the NFC capability. The Passbook feature in iOS 6 gave hope to iPhone fans that they’ll finally get the technology. However, some experts recently explained why the addition of NFC seems rather unlikely.  Very little available space in the design and the metal backside nearly rule this capability out. Current NFC solution requires sizable space and the antenna is usually placed at the top or bottom of the device.

With NFC capability, users can perform wireless payment transactions and the embedded RFID can be used for various purposes, including user identification. Many people are skeptical about the future of NFC, but global mobile payment will surpass $170 billion in the end of 2012 and $600 billion in 2016. PayPal is accepted in many national merchants and Google Wallet with its cloud-based solution could become a future leader in the industry due to the domination of Android smartphones in the market.

Granted, the technology is nowhere near critical mass, but Apple can help to make it mainstream by adding NFC in iPhone 5. QR Code has also been used for payment, but it is not as convenient and fast as NFC.

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