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The New HTC Sense 4.1 Is Delivering Significant Boost on Performance and Battery Life

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HTC SmartphoneIf we are to look by its financial records, HTC hasn’t had the greatest year yet. HTC have made a few proper steps such as concentrating most of their efforts on a single lineup, the “One” series and cutting losses associated with the Beats Audio. Additionally, while Samsung is busy adding pretty effects on their custom skin, HTC simply focuses on improving performance with their Sense UI 4.x. If latest reports are to be believed that new Sense 4.1 may introduce significant performance enhancement. A recent post in XDA Developers forum shows a HTC One X with a Quadrant score of more than 5900 after getting the new custom UI, compared to a score of 5100 on the Sense 4.0.

Documentation also reveals a number of fixes and changes mostly to enhance performance, such as the removal of all 3D effects, while lags on the Live wallpaper has been fixed. To further improve user experience, there are now dedicated onscreen button to switch browser tabs and front/rear facing cameras, which could create an illusion of a more responsive phone. It is important to note that the Sense 4.1 adds another 2 hours to battery life up to the measly 3+ hours users get with the Sense 4.0.

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