Nokia Lumia 610

The Lumia 610 NFC is Launched by Orange

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Nokia Lumia 610The Finnish company has been weathering numerous glitches that plagued its Lumia series smartphones. Recently, we saw Nokia issued $100 credits to those affected by the data connection issue. Despite these unexpected problems, Nokia is pressing on with a new device and it has been confirmed that it will be launching Lumia 610 with NFC capability enabled. Nokia and Orange said that the NFC capability is certified both with PayPass and MasterCard, while for payments at points of sale, the phone is compatible with Visa mobile applications. Previously, the phone was leaked accidentally in YouTube, before the clip was made private.

In France, its home market, Orange made a big push with the NFC capability and the technology has been committed recently in the United Kingdom. Last month, the carrier stated that it has sold half a million NFC-enabled devices in France – a mix of Blackberry, Acer and Samsung. The launch of Lumia 610 NFC is scheduled at Monaco and it will be shown how NFC can be used to manage financial transactions and manage music. The Lumia 610 NFC also supports Foursquare check-ins and it can interact with social networks, such as Twitter.

The Finnish company was among the first company to implement NFC into smartphones, but unfortunately, the technology still hasn’t gained enough critical mass among consumers, merchants and phone vendors. Currently, there are a multitude of mobile payment alternatives available for mobile devices such as PayPal Here and Square. Latest developments continue to raise doubt over NFC ability to place itself as the leader in the mobile commerce area.

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