iPhone 5 Use Another Samsung Processor

The iPhone 5 Might Eventually Use Another Samsung’s Processor

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iPhone 5 Use Another Samsung ProcessorRumors on the iPhone 5 have been leaking continuously, although it is generally expected that Apple would unveil it officially in September of October this year. iOS 6 is allegedly already in its final stage of development and a build was leaked recently. It reveals some software and hardware details. First off, the ARM S5L8950X processor is listed in the Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0. The model number is also used by previous Samsung processors: ARM S5L8940X for the iPhone 4S and ARM S5L8945X for the 3rd generation iPad.

The processor is likely another A5 model, which will be supported by a more powerful variant of PowerVR SGX543. In addition, a source revealed that the next iPhone will sport 1GB of RAM, which is double what we have today. Analysts believe that it will be a dual-core processor, which is based on 32nm architecture. Other details emerged about the software solution, including a screenshot about the Maps app, which will replace Google’s Map.

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