8-pin Dock Connector

The iPhone 5 May Use a Much Smaller 8-pin Dock Connector

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8-pin Dock ConnectorWe have seen numerous rumors circulating about a smaller dock connector for the next iPhone and it appears the new port could be smaller than many have thought. The new dock connector will replace the long-standing 30 pin port currently used by all iOS devices. The rumor mill has been giving us reports indicating that the iPhone’s maker is working on a 19-pin and 16-pin dock connector. One particular report said the new connector will be slightly bigger than the speaker hole we see on the iPhone 4S and has only 8 pins.

Adding fuel to these rumors are Apple’s new job listings seeking for a few “connector design engineers”. The job description includes adapting existing connectors to new designs. A change from 8-pin to 30-pin design will necessitate a new physical adapter to allow existing docking system compatible with future iOS devices. As always, these rumors will only be proven when upcoming iOS devices are officially announced.

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