iPhone 3GS Get iOS 6

The iPhone 3GS is Likely to Get iOS 6, But Not the First-Generation iPad

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iPhone 3GS Get iOS 6Latest Apple devices are to get the major software upgrade to iOS 6 and a beta version of Apple’s OS newest iteration was first published by the Chinese website, WeiPhone. AppleInsider picked it up and a list of devices is subsequently revealed.

In news to please anyone still faithfully clinging to the older iPhone 3GS, it is likely that the new iOS 6 will be coming to the now-weathered smartphone. While, it is safe to assume that the iPhone 3GS will get a bunch of new enhancements, it’s unlikely the phone will get all available features, for example, Siri may not make the transition to the iPhone 3GS.

It can also be disappointing news for the owner of the original iPad as the tablet is omitted from the list. It is hard to say whether we should trust the list. The iOS 6 will be unveiled officially very soon at the WDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) and hopefully we will hear more positive things.

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